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Description At the school that I teach at we have a daily bulletin where announcements are published. These are generally not read over the P.A.. We wanted to move from a paper form of the daily bulletin to a paperless online type of system.
  • Have 2 different sets of bulletins: one for teachers and one for students.
  • Online entry form, where the dates for publication are specified. This way if you have events in the future and you know about it now you can just enter all the announcements in early and not worry about it until later
  • Highlights new postings and arranges them from most current to least current entries.
  • Categorizes the topics into different sections.
  • Keeps track of block rotation. Our school rotates the classes throughout the year so that students can experience math class in the morning and the afternoon.
  • Days. We run our classes all year long, so basically we take 1 semester and have it on what we call Day 1 and the other semester and have it on Day 2. We basically switch between the Days. So Monday would be Day 1, then Tuesday would be Day 2.
  • Online calendar, called phpeventcalendar created by Isaac McGowan, which I made some modifications to.
  • PHP 4.0 or higher
  • MySQL 3.0 or higher
Computer Savvy Currently you need to be able to set up tables in MySQL and create MySQL user accounts and have some php knowledge in order to access information from the MySQL database.

I plan on making this a little less complicated to install, when I can find the time to work on it.